Stephan Schmidt – The Communicator

Order management | Calculation | Distribution


  • Cool headed. Stays calm and objective
  • Good communicator. Gets along well with people.
  • open-minded
  • works transparently
  • good listener
  • ambitious in the best sense
  • tenacious, target-oriented, pragmatic
  • differentiated ability to judge
  • good stamina

Passionate about

  • playing the guitar
  • sports, playing football. Football fan
  • Is inspired by humans who turned a small enterprise into a big one. For him, this also provides orientation.


  • university entrance-diploma
  • dual training as industrial management assistant / technical springmaker
  • studied as a sideline at night school to be a state certified business economist

Career at Eckel Federn

  • joined the company in 2012
  • order management, calculation, distribution

Job passions

  • hard work leading to success
  • decision-making power
  • responsibility
  • working in the dream team “Eckel“: Having fun and being serious, having the same sense of humour, friendliness, complementing one another, fellowship, pursuing the same goals

The meaning of success

  • reaching goals, both personal and professional