Our quality mission statement

Here at Eckel, it is not only a consistent high level of quality that is awaiting you, but a constantly increasing quality level.
We work according to the highest quality standards. We draw on experience and anticipate the newest developments. This is our understanding of innovation. A zero-defect-strategy goes without saying. Constant improvements in the production processes and products are living reality. They ensure that the top quality required is produced from the outset.

What you get is »Made in Germany«. This is our promise.

Our quality management system is being modernised continually.

The tracking of key data, the identification of goals, the advanced training of all employees and the automated quality data collection within the production process have been standard in our company for a long time.

Measures within the production process

  • Capture of production Data
  • Mobile data capturing
  • Data logging during production (CAQ)
    CAQ = Computer-Aided-Quality-Assurance).

Implementation and realisation of Automative Coretools APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA

Different possibilities of automated process control (length control and contour monitoring by camera, monitoring by laser) allow us to ensure product specifications. A planned monitoring within the production process including accompanying data complete the quality assurance. It is the goal of the statistical process control (SPC) to establish a controlled process. This is achieved by the use of statistical techniques in order to identify and thus avoid any process deviations that might occur.


„Eckel Federn“ is IATF 16949 certified and ensures that not only the company itself but also its business partners are up to date in this matter.