Compression springs

Compression spring production is of course also done automatically at CNC machines. The constant length of a given spring type is 100% guaranteed. Optical inspection and sorting systems (camera / laser) are used for this. In addition to cylindrical shapes we can also manufacture conical or biconical springs with linear or progressive pitches. 

End coils are ground, for example, at modern CNC-controlled grinding machines.

We can deliver the compression springs cold-set or warm-set. The heat treatment process is temperature-monitored for Eckel Federn. We can therefore consistently ensure a constant temperature during tempering.

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Any type of galvanic surfaces are possible, such as:
pickling, cadmium plating, Delta Seal, Delta Tone, KTL coating, painting, passivating, phosphatisation and oiling, powder coating, chromium coating, gold coating, nickel coating, zinc coating, chromating.

Any type of surface processing can be provided, such as:
electrolytic polishing, slide grinding, annealing and hardening, shot-peening and oiling, sand blasting, vibratory grinding.


Range of services and materials

  • Leg springs, torsion springs
  • Double leg springs
  • Tension springs (with DIN lugs or special lugs)
  • Compression springs (cylindrical, conical or multiple conical,
  • ends ground or not ground
  • cold-set or warm-set)
  • Bent components, bent wire components, shaped springs (with the most diverse bends)
  • Flat springs, leaf springs, moulded parts
  • Components
  • Circlips
  • Spring cotter pins
  • Customised springs, special springs


  • Automotive industry
  • Armature construction
  • Computer industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Renewable energy / environmental technology
  • Agricultural machinery industry
  • Lighting industry
  • Aerospace and shipping
  • Medical and chemical engineering
  • Furniture industry
  • Food industry
  • Commercial vehicles industry
  • Toys